Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Busy Week!!!

This past week was beyond busy.  An absolute blast, but busy...

Monday started out slow.

Then on Tuesday night, took full advantage of the beginning of Dine Around Seattle.  Meghan and I went to Purple in downtown Bellevue and after a slightly embarrassing moment of sitting down in the wrong restaurant, we enjoyed a delicious (if slightly slow) meal. It was yummy and the extra time gave us lots of time to plan our ECCC attack.  But more on that later.

This skirt is one of the favorites I've made.  It's so simple.  Just a circle skirt.  It even has an elastic waist.  But it goes with everything and lace makes it prettier than just a brown skirt.

My delightful little puppy, Josie.

Mom and I had tickets to Next to Normal at the 5th Avenue.  It was beyond depressing.  So depressing as to make Miss Saigon look upbeat.  It's about a woman struggling with bipolar disorder and its affect on her family.  The music was great though.  I've been listening to the soundtrack ALL week.  And I'm still not tired of it.  And the set design also fantastic.

I took advantage of the event to break out my Diane von Furstenberg dress.  I love it, but get so nervous wearing it.  


I spent much of my day thinking about and planning for ECCC and the evening was spent frosting a cake and planning, packing, and repacking.  A girl has to be prepared at her first SciFi convention.

And I got some snaps of Liz too.  One of the benefits of working at the U is that there's ALWAYS construction.  You'd think it'd make for awesome photo backgrounds.  The problem is, the construction sites always have silly signs...

Then one of the cake taken by a coworker of mine.  I don't want to brag, but it was delicious!  And mom helped so much with the decorating.  It ended up looking great.

I spent much of my Friday alternating between absolute terror and overwhelming excitement.  Meghan and I had 3 day passes to Emerald City Comicon.  It was our first convention and we were excited to go.  A few Star Trek actors were going to be there as well as one of my personal favorites, Bruce Boxleitner.  His show, Babylon 5 was my first taste of Science Fiction.  I loved it.  I planned, I ironed, I packed snacks...

I also worried endlessly about what to wear.  I wanted a look that said, I'm a fan, but I don't spend all my free-time playing World of Warcraft in my parents' basement.  And at a convention that's a fine line to walk.

I was going over with Liz all the goodies I'd packed for the weekend.

And that, that's an action figure.  A Captain John Sheridan action figure, thank you very much.  And Babylon 5 trading cards.
Babylon 5 was also my introduction to EBay. 

I'll set up another post for the convention.  I'm still waiting on a picture.  But I'll tell you that it was great.  So much fun.  I hope to go next year.  Of course, I'll be saving up.  It definitely got expensive.  But, more to come!

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