Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emerald City Comicon

This past weekend, I attended my first SciFi convention.  Though a fan of Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Star Wars for many years, and a costume owner for almost as many, I'd always edged away because I never felt hardcore enough.  This year however, I've up-ed my Star Trek (TNG) consumption and become even more of a fan.  When I discovered Bruce Boxleitner would be there, it was simply a matter of talking Meghan into it.  Like me, I think she'd been interested, but never quite ready to "go" there.

Not ones to do something halfheartedly, we went ahead and got 3 day passes.  It allowed us time to see the various panels and get in photo ops and signings.

One of the most impressive sightings was that of the Star Wars Group.  I'm not sure of their name, but they have various appearances around Seattle.  As far as I can tell, it's just a group of people who have a blast dressing up in costume.
What amazed me was the accuracy and detail.  Where do they get the supplies?!  Especially in the case of the harder plastic pieces?!  Are they created specifically by them, bought from a movie supplier?  I don't even know...

Naturally Meghan and I had to bring our own costumes.  Quite possibly the nerdiest conversation she and I have had was the decision over which of our costumes to bring.  We have more than one series worth...

These costumes were perfect for our first photo op.  But since I'm still waiting on the jpg, I'll try not the spoil the surprise...

We got to see a few panels.

The funniest, by far, was Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner.  They joked with each other and were complete clowns.  At least 10 minutes were spent doing impersonations.  Another 10 went to discuss colonoscopies...

Following that, we got to see the one and only, William Shatner!  He's such an iconic figure within the genre.  Of course, he knows that and so milks it for everything it's worth.  He had a few amusing stories, but overall, it wasn't the best.

Lastly, and most importantly, I got to see Bruce Boxleitner speak.  It was delightful.  He was funny and managed to talk both about Tron and Babylon 5 as well as hint towards a re-release of the series...

Possibly the most exciting part of the weekend was getting to meet Bruce and have my picture taken with him.  He was one of my first celebrity crushes.  And it turns out that kind of puppy love doesn't die easily.  At age 60, he's still insanely handsome and fit.  It was fantastic.  Of course, I spent a week planning outfits, another week picking out memorabilia to sign, and then 48 hours shaking in my pumps before the actual event.  I'm still waiting to come down from the excitement.  At least the nervous shaking part is over.  Now it's just the emotional part.  Goodness...

These are pictures of his signing table.   I was first in line.  Duh.

Sadly my hopes of true love were vanquished after he saw this photo and commented on how cute I looked standing with my "dad".  I guess the age difference WILL be keeping us apart...  Sigh.

For the record, he looks WAY older than my dad.  So there, Bruce!

Lastly, a funny picture of Brent Spiner stopping by Bruce's booth to give him a hard time.  It was fun getting to see him up close and he gave us a hard time about Bruce.

All in all, the weekend was a blast and as soon as I get that last picture, I'll put it up!


  1. Nice post and I'm not just saying that for the chicken Boba Fett

  2. No, you won't post 'that last picture'. I paid money an undisclosed amount of money for that and I will not have it available for free access on the world wide web!