Saturday, March 12, 2011

Revenge is Best Served in Costume

I try to take my role as older sister very seriously.  My brother and I talk about our parents (to complain), our classes/work (to brag), and occasionally our feelings (cause that's healthy).

However there are some benefits to having siblings.  One such benefit is the fun you get to have at the other's expense.  My best accomplishment, until last night, was when I'd convinced John that at age 11, he too would receive a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  No letter ever came and he was devastated.  I'm not sure my mother has forgiven me for that one yet...
John's got quite a laundry list, himself.  My first viewing of the Sound of Music was ruined by him telling me that the Nazis killed the vonTrapp family in the end.  I spent the entire length of the film waiting for the ax to fall.  Later on, he'd sit on our armchair and cover himself with a blanket and then surprise me.  Most recently, he tried to convince me that daylight savings time works by slowing the rotation of the Earth.  (It does NOT, I confirmed with Dad.) 

So I've felt like I've owed him for some time now.  A comment from mom during the Superbowl/Thriller episode of Glee helped me to form a plan.  When John arrived home from school, late at night and tired after his long week, we'd be outfitted in zombie garb wandering around the house/yard.  Just muttering and stumbling.  John's not the biggest fan of zombies.  (Read: scared of)  Each time I'd think about it for the following 2 months, I'd giggle.  Best plan ever.

So last night, I came to the house prepared with face paint, blood, cauliflower and coffee.  Over the course of the next hour, I made myself and dad up.  Mom took care of her own makeup, even going so far as to cover her hands.  We were holding some cauliflower and had put some on the ground covered in barbecue sauce for the dogs to eat and fight over when John came in.  We'd also turned all the lights out and put on "dungeon" themed music.  It was fantastic.  So amazing. 

Sadly, John was not as terrified as I'd dreamed.  If we'd been in place and ready to go, I think we really could have pulled it off, but we were still getting ready when he pulled up.  But it was cold; I would not have sat out for an hour just to be ready when he got home. That and I don't think zombies are supposed to giggle.  

So much fun though...  May be a tradition for EVERY time John comes home.  SHHHhhhhhh!!!!

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