Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Much Better Picture

I found a wonderful picture of Meghan from Halloween this year.

And then I could not resist this one...
Halloween last year.  She was an Enterprise crew member and I was Amy Winehouse.

And on that note, I should have gone to bed half an hour ago.


This Week had a Delightful Start

Fresh off my sleepover, I guess I felt like cuddling up.  It seems that's what my outfits were about.  Of course, it could also be the threat of snow.

Either way...

I'm experimenting using my webcam for pictures.  They're not great quality, but they're easy and I don't have to bother other people to take them for me.  It also took me FOREVER to figure out where they're stored on my computer.  But I won in the end.  And here they are.


Also, I've yet to find a "timer" option.  Best is the "burst" option.  Then I end up with 10 high speed pictures of me sitting...


In hindsight, this looks like a portrait.  And the roses are from Mom and our Costco trip that day. 


Oh, and Meghan came over to cook me dinner.  And give me a poisoned apple.  Hahahahahhahahhaa.  I make myself laugh soo hard...
Generally she looks much less evil.   I swear.  I think it's the un-natural redness of the apple and the GIANT knife she's holding.  
Sorry, Meghan. I'll work on finding an amazing picture of you.  I can only find Star Trek ones so far.


Liz looked exceptionally adorable and I felt I had to share it with the class.

I had my gloves to prepare for the snow.  Which waited another 6 hours to come...

And one of the little monsters and feeding time.

Cross your fingers for a snow day tomorrow!!!

Sleepover Weekend

So my grownup sleepover with Liz was a-may-zing!!!!
It was a blast.

First, dinner at her place.  Delicious, but undocumented.  I was blown away.  It involved lemon and capers and delicious vegetable.  I HATE vegetables and I ate ALL these up.  That's how good it was.

Then it was onto Swink Style Bar.  It's a blowout bar in downtown Seattle.  For around $30, they blowout and style your hair.  I've been wanting to try then but had no excuse. 
Another thing they offer is featherlocks.  They are thin feathers that they crimp into your hair.  They last about 3-4 weeks and can be styled like normal hair.  Super fun and different.
So naturally Liz and I wanted in.  Color selection was beyond hard.  They have all sorts of colors, neutrals and brights. 

Following the feathers, it was off to my place to change.  Because we were going jumping!  Sky High Sports offers an entire room full of trampolines.  It's a blast.

Real quick - Josie love!

We were a lot like super heroes. 

After exhausting ourselves on the trampolines, it was time for drinks at the only quiet restaurant we could find, Palomino's.  Yummy.

Then back for Sex and the City Marathon and bed.

It goes in the books as one of the BEST sleepovers ever!!!

The Rest of the Week

The end of the week took for-ever!  Longer than normal.  Much longer.  I'm sure it was because of the 3 day weekend.  I had exciting big plans and could not wait for an extra day off.

I made it. 

Of course there were some funny faces involved.

After a yummy lunch with my friend, Dana.  The sun was beautiful out, but very misleading.  I totally should have brought my coat...

Lizzie, thank you for taking this photograph and I'm sorry I made that face at you.  It's terribly unattractive and even kind of mean...  Sorry, doll.

This is some Coach love.  That purse was my first big spend and it's beautiful.  I just get nervous to use it.  I mean, even the lining is pretty.  What happens when lotion explodes or a pen leaks?!  Now I'm getting nervous just thinking about it...

Auntie Meghan Love

Josie is crazy about almost everyone she meets.  Human, of course.  Other dogs are another story...

But Meghan is one of her favorite people in the whole wide world.  Of course Meghan is a smidge more reserved than Josie.  And where Josie chooses to enthusiastically show her love, I think Meghan prefers to shake hands.

They're not the best photos, but I loved the group of them together.  Super cute.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was crazy rainy.

 My wool tights are so amazingly warm.  Also, my dress makes me feel like
Blair Waldorf.  And I kind of like it.

Little Black Dress

It's been said that every woman needs one and so I got one.  It was pure luck though, I never sought one out. I always questioned why I'd need a black dress when a red or navy one would be just as neutral, at least in my opinion.

My little black dress came to my rescue on Sunday night.  One of my best friends, Meghan, took me to the ballet.  Cinderella, by the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and it was lovely.
But I didn't know what to wear and so threw on the dress.

Plus, my lovely red Valentine's accessories.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Our family got a new addition last night.

So far she's known as Honey. 
But also under consideration are:

For your viewing pleasure -

Also part of the clan


My baby, Josie

This past week...

In Seattle this time of year, it seems all we get is rain.  So I've amassed a large collection of rainboots.  These are my most recent acquisition from Santa this Christmas.


I love them.  In fact, I own 2 other colors in the leather version...

A dog and red lipstick; two of the best accessories a girl can own.


 Flaunted the amazingly handmade nautical necklace

I love how it turned out


Not sure what happened to the colors here, but the more I messed with them, the worse they got...  A photographer, I am not.

Some of the detail on one of my favorite shirts.  I've already worn through the one I own in grey.

Thursday - One of my best friends, Liz, graced the camera with her presence.  
The day's theme - Statement necklaces

Those are fantastic pearls.

And with my skirt, sitting was a bit of a process...

Safe and proper at last!


I'm trying to fully embrace the wide leg jeans, but most of the time, feel like a Mary Tyler Moore wannabee.

My weekend involved puppies and jumping, so clothes were the typical jeans and leggings.  Not worth documenting, really.