Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knotty Nautical Necklace

My friend Liz and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday to get some rope to make the necklace I posted the other day.  After searching, we ended up finding what we wanted in the upholstry section.  We decided to go for a thinner, weightier version.  (It was also shinier!  Ooohh...)

After much struggle, I got the ends cleaned up and clasps put on.  No details; just that there was lots of Gorilla glue involved.  It would have been dangerous to have my camera around that. 

The necklace was a simple series of slipknots.  So I made one...


And then you pull the last one all the way through.  

Super easy!  So we decided to make one for each of us.

Look, there's even a sailboat on the end!!!

As for clothes, I wore the same outfit both days.  (Shh!!!!)  It was still clean; I swear.

Plus, I decided to add my new lipstick.  It changes a girl.  I swear, it brought the second day outfit up a notch. 
Stila in Outrageous

Time to start the week!

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