Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sleepover Weekend

So my grownup sleepover with Liz was a-may-zing!!!!
It was a blast.

First, dinner at her place.  Delicious, but undocumented.  I was blown away.  It involved lemon and capers and delicious vegetable.  I HATE vegetables and I ate ALL these up.  That's how good it was.

Then it was onto Swink Style Bar.  It's a blowout bar in downtown Seattle.  For around $30, they blowout and style your hair.  I've been wanting to try then but had no excuse. 
Another thing they offer is featherlocks.  They are thin feathers that they crimp into your hair.  They last about 3-4 weeks and can be styled like normal hair.  Super fun and different.
So naturally Liz and I wanted in.  Color selection was beyond hard.  They have all sorts of colors, neutrals and brights. 

Following the feathers, it was off to my place to change.  Because we were going jumping!  Sky High Sports offers an entire room full of trampolines.  It's a blast.

Real quick - Josie love!

We were a lot like super heroes. 

After exhausting ourselves on the trampolines, it was time for drinks at the only quiet restaurant we could find, Palomino's.  Yummy.

Then back for Sex and the City Marathon and bed.

It goes in the books as one of the BEST sleepovers ever!!!

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