Friday, January 28, 2011

Shopping Detox

As my most recent order from J. Crew arrived last Saturday, it hit me exactly how much of my monthly income I put towards clothing.  It's not extreme, but it could be better. 
So now I've decided to spend three months with no new clothing purchases.  No new accessories, no new shoes, and no new tights. 
I'm lucky enough to have a wardrobe full of clothing I love.  Clothes I love and never have time to wear. 
It'll force me to be creative with the clothes I have.  And since I won't allow myself to wear anything new I make, it'll force em to take time on my sewing projects.

The rules include no new clothing purchases, no sewing new clothes to be worn within the 3 month time frame, and trying to work in all the pieces I've ignored in the past.
I will be able to alter clothing I already own and haven't worn because of its fit.

Here goes:





Also Thursday

More to come, but goodnight for now.