Monday, February 14, 2011

This past week...

In Seattle this time of year, it seems all we get is rain.  So I've amassed a large collection of rainboots.  These are my most recent acquisition from Santa this Christmas.


I love them.  In fact, I own 2 other colors in the leather version...

A dog and red lipstick; two of the best accessories a girl can own.


 Flaunted the amazingly handmade nautical necklace

I love how it turned out


Not sure what happened to the colors here, but the more I messed with them, the worse they got...  A photographer, I am not.

Some of the detail on one of my favorite shirts.  I've already worn through the one I own in grey.

Thursday - One of my best friends, Liz, graced the camera with her presence.  
The day's theme - Statement necklaces

Those are fantastic pearls.

And with my skirt, sitting was a bit of a process...

Safe and proper at last!


I'm trying to fully embrace the wide leg jeans, but most of the time, feel like a Mary Tyler Moore wannabee.

My weekend involved puppies and jumping, so clothes were the typical jeans and leggings.  Not worth documenting, really.


  1. I can't believe what a beautiful granddaughter we have

  2. I look....tan?

    Let's be outside all the time! (Minus the construction noise)