Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Week had a Delightful Start

Fresh off my sleepover, I guess I felt like cuddling up.  It seems that's what my outfits were about.  Of course, it could also be the threat of snow.

Either way...

I'm experimenting using my webcam for pictures.  They're not great quality, but they're easy and I don't have to bother other people to take them for me.  It also took me FOREVER to figure out where they're stored on my computer.  But I won in the end.  And here they are.


Also, I've yet to find a "timer" option.  Best is the "burst" option.  Then I end up with 10 high speed pictures of me sitting...


In hindsight, this looks like a portrait.  And the roses are from Mom and our Costco trip that day. 


Oh, and Meghan came over to cook me dinner.  And give me a poisoned apple.  Hahahahahhahahhaa.  I make myself laugh soo hard...
Generally she looks much less evil.   I swear.  I think it's the un-natural redness of the apple and the GIANT knife she's holding.  
Sorry, Meghan. I'll work on finding an amazing picture of you.  I can only find Star Trek ones so far.


Liz looked exceptionally adorable and I felt I had to share it with the class.

I had my gloves to prepare for the snow.  Which waited another 6 hours to come...

And one of the little monsters and feeding time.

Cross your fingers for a snow day tomorrow!!!

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