Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Ready for Spring

I thought one of the benefits of this project would be that I'd be so busy coming up with new outfits, that I wouldn't notice the longer days and slightly less freezing weather.  Which would mean that come May when it starts to actually turn to spring, I'd be pleasantly surprised. 
As it would seem, though, that's not the case.  I'm grabbing onto spring with everything I've got.  All my color is coming back out.  Sadly, the sun has gone back away so who knows how long til I'm back in boots and sweaters...

This is my favorite sweater ever.  I'm terrified for the one day it finally falls apart.  And I'm also super scared to get it cleaned for fear of the beading coming undone.  It's so beautiful and the colors are fantastic.

Starting to get more winter-y colors back, but I tried to add some color and sunshine with the jewelry!

For the record, I was reaching for the chemical shower pull that UW has every 10 yards.  They are SO tempting...

The jewelry accidentally went together.  The bracelet is from Mom a few years ago.  Most likely when she upgraded to a beautifully handmade one (by herself, of course) and gave me the store bought one.  The earrings were from prom.  I love the way coral and gold look together.

Yeah, I got lazy today.  So what?!  It was warm and comfortable and I LOVE the necklace.  So there.

And a charming picture of me, without a coat, being a cold spaz.

Yes, I realize that at my age, I should be responsible for bringing the correct clothing when it's 45 degrees outside.  I'll try better tomorrow.

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