Thursday, March 10, 2011

Earthy Skirt...

Last week, someone suggested that I try to challenge myself by using the pieces in my closet that I haven't pulled out.  They had a point.  I LOVE the pieces I wear as evidenced over and over.  But I also love the pieces I don't wear.  I just feel less comfortable using them for whatever reason.

Today I pulled out a skirt I've had for many years.  I haggled with my mom for this one.  We were buying a few nice outfits for high school graduation and she was not a believer in this skirt.  I had to have it.  It had gold sequins, trim, and so much character.  I wore it at least once a week for the months following.  Since then, I've pulled it out of the closet a handful of times.  I love it, but it's hard to match and the cotton-y layers stick to each other.  (Super annoying!)

So, here goes.


I may have a Starbucks problem...  In my defense, they were offering free treats.

The skirt has some pretty awesome detail.  There are wooden beads, sequins, AND ruffles.  Amazing!

All in all, I regret not wearing this skirt more.  I received compliments all through the day.  I loved how full and fun it was.  And with the proper precautions, cotton sticking together wasn't an issue.
Possibly a good risk to take...

Also, for those who are interested, Starbucks is offering a free sample of their new goodies from 2-5 tomorrow, March 11th.  So far, I've tried the birthday cake pop (delicious!), the red velvet whoopie pie (meh), and the salted caramel square (uber rich).
Worth looking into.


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