Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Pumpkin

I've been craving pumpkin like no other.  This morning, one of my coworkers tracked down a muffin for me.  Despite its cream cheese enhancement and day-old texture, it's really hit the spot.  So I'll most likely be good pumpkin-wise until dinner where I can indulge in my homemade pumpkin soup.  At this rate, I'll be tired of pumpkin by the time it's actually generally available. 

As far as other cravings go, my mind has gravitated towards "above the knee boots".  I love the idea of a flat black pair over skinny jeans.  Not only does it save the annoyance of baggy knees that I get from shorter boots, but can you imagine the wind and rain protection as the weather gets worse?! 
I'm keeping my eyes out for a pair between $100-200. 

One concern I have about them is their modernity.  Are these boots too fashion forward for the office?  Though my workplace has no dress codes, and daily outfits vary from mom-jeans and t-shirts to dresses and heels depending on the person, no one really seems to follow trends.  Everything worn is quite safe.  And as practical as I think these taller boots are, they are also edgy.  Edgy and sexy.  Though they reveal nothing, they ARE encasing the leg in leather and drawing more attention. 

Regardless, I need to find another pair of winter boots, because the pair I have now simply cannot handle daily use.  (I've loved them close to death.) 

Fortunately a little shopping never hurt anyone.

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