Friday, September 24, 2010

Difficult Relationships

For my graduation several months ago, I received a beautiful sewing machine (Thanks M and D!), but there are times where I just get so frustrated with it.  At least once a month, we develop a tension problem.  User error, of course.  In the past, it has been fixed by re-threading.  Spool, bobbin...  This time, the problem is the bobbin.  It won't thread evenly and I am going crazy trying to fix it.  I thread it correctly for winding and it ends up uneven.  I slow down - it gets worse.  It has been driving me crazy.  Last night, after 2 seams I realized there was a problem when I went to try on the half of a sweatshirt that I had completed and I burst out of the seams.

I handled it quite maturely, though.  Rather than going with my instincts of tearing everything apart and staring it down (possibly including a few tears), I folded the fabric and turned off my machine and went to bed.  It can be solved another day.  Because when I start stressing is when I end up adjusting things that I don't need to.  And that just makes me more angry.

So the grand plan is to go back tomorrow and re-thread from scratch.  And it'll be kind of nice to have a day off.  Since the end of last week, I've been sewing non-stop.  First there was a dress to make for my first day of school, then a sweatshirt, and I've also begun my Halloween costume.  I guess the advantage of planning ahead is that I CAN take breaks rather than start yelling at the machine. 

On another note, just the idea of my halloween costume makes me happy.  I love the holiday and I never seem to have an excuse to go all out.  But this year, I get to throw a party with a few like-minded friends of mine and I could not be more excited.  More about my costume to come.

And if worse comes to worse, I can always buy pre-threaded bobbins.  

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