Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I LOVE Halloween.  So much.  But generally my holiday consists of sitting at home, bullying my bff into a costume for pictures, and watching "scary" Disney movies.  It's kind of sad.  (I love your company, Meghan, but...)
This year is different.  This year, I get to be part of a party with some of my closest friends.  Most of them are as excited as I am.  We began planning weeks ago.  And have set menus, decorations, and chores already.

Obviously, this means my costume HAS to be fantastic.  Not a problem.  I love the chance to do something dramatic.  Sewing is my favorite hobby.  And I tend to obsess over things to the tiniest detail.  This year I entertained several ideas: Edie Sedgewick - fun makeup, Olsen twin - to easy, oversized sweater, coffee cup, Max from Where the Wild Things Are - get to roar, and Alice in Wonderland.

Despite spending months working on blue bridesmaid dresses this spring and summer, I cannot get enough of that pretty blue dress.  I sketched out numerous ideas from Disney style little girl to reusable blue dress with trimmings, but I kept coming back to the dress in Tim Burton's Alice. 
I love the way Colleen Atwood worked the black bits in.  It makes the dress darker and modern despite it's Victorian style.  She keeps the whimsy with her animal embroidery at the bottom.  And the layers of sheer fabric just take my breath away.

My costume may be lacking in originality this Halloween, but I am loving the chance to recreate it as closely as possible.  I love this dress and see this really as my only chance to wear it.  In another few years, people most likely won't recognize it as part of the Alice character.

Despite my head-start of 6 weeks, I imagine I'll be working right up until the day.  After putting in at least 10 hours, I have gotten maybe a quarter of the way through the skirt.
Umm, rotation much?
This is the finished side.  The other half of the skirts is still hanging in pinned on gather.  Following this, I still have to hem both layers and embroider.  Then onto the bodice.  That'll be easier, but more detailed.  It's done with princess seams, layered sleeves, and piping.  I anticipate MANY small pieces that won't look done until it finally is.

Despite anticipating all this work, I am so excited.  I love the idea of this dress and cannot wait to get to wear it even if it is just for a night.

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