Monday, October 25, 2010

Speak Now

I'll admit it.  I joined the Taylor Swift game more than a little late.  It wasn't until a little over a year ago that I heard her song, "Love Story."  And I loved the way she wrote a song about a happy ever after fairy tale.  Those who know me, know my affinity for fairy tales.  My next song was "White Horse," which was especially meaningful to one of my friends at the time, so I was able to form a connection with that one as well.  So I bought the album and loved it.

Flash forward a few months and I started to discover more about her relationship with her fans, her style, and her interests.  So completely lovable.  When I saw that she had a new single out, I had to try it.  "Mine" took me a few listens, but I was singing along within a week.  Then "Back to December" came and I was loved it even sooner.  Finally "Mean" came and, of course, I loved it.  So much, I shared it with my girl scout troop for our journey on relationships and bullying. 

Last night I was lucky enough (meaning could not get to sleep) to be awake when her full album hit iTunes and like the fish caught on the hooks of her singles, downloaded it.  Cannot get enough.  She is amazing.  Her music is so sweet and charming, but it's not too much.  She still puts so much of herself into these songs that done by another artist may seem unoriginal.  But she has the traditional stories and then shows her spunky side.  My favorite example of this is "Better than Revenge."  So much fun.

Cannot help but love her. 

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