Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Preventing Goosebumps

This time of year, I always get excited about the prospect of tights.  They enable me to wear my skirts and dresses year round, tone down dresses too bright for work, and add an extra layer of color.

Each year I pick up my basic blacks and greys then try to add a few colors or prints in.  Last year it was a brown pair with orange and grey squares all over it.  LOVE them.  Still lack the nerve to wear them, but love them all the same.

I went to Macy's this weekend to scope out the new colors for this winter and found a pair that has changed my life.  It's by a brand called Lemon.  And they are called "brushed tights."  Imagine this.   A nice pair of opaque grey, black, or even navy tights, lined IN FLEECE!!!  It's not actually lined, but made from a material that is fleecy on one side and smooth on the other, similar to sweatshirts.  They are the warmest tights I have ever tried.  As soon as I put them on, my post-shower goosebumps went away.  They blocked the wind better than I'd expect and were a perfect darker grey. 

I'm in love.  The only problem is, I CANNOT find them online to order more tights and see what other colors they offer.  So in the meantime, you'll find me at Macy's.

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