Monday, October 18, 2010

I give up

So I kept waiting until I had time to actually update this and really write. But it's going on two weeks and still nothing.

My fashion design program has begun and I'm not really liking it. I can see where it could help me but I'm not sure I'm ready to just jump right in. However, I need to continue because Luly Yang is coming to talk in 3 weeks. Luly. As in my favorite modern designer. She's local and high on drama and vintage leanings. So excited. Feels like the biggest thing in my design "career" yet.

More recently I went on a murder mystery cruise with my friends. It was a blast. It gave me a chance to go all out. I wore vintage lace and fur. Loved every second of it. The interactive part of it allowed me to get my drama on. I love that kind of thing when I'm with my friends. Not in front of other people though. Goodness no.

On a less exciting note, I'm trying amazon fresh for the first time. Here's hoping it allows me to plan out my week's dinners and lunch better. That'd be great for my poor budget.

I'm working on taking better pictures to start posting up here.
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