Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Packing Tips

Yes, it's nearly a month since I packed for a trip back to Virginia for a wedding, but between the catch up I've been trying to do at work and fun celebratory weekends, this post hasn't happened til now.

But I wanted to make sure this got up at some point because one of my favorite things to do is pack.  I love the lists, the organization, and getting to see all my clothes together at once.  It's also the first chance I generally give myself to get excited about the trip and make choices about what I'll be doing.

In this case, I was going back for a weeklong trip to Virginia, where it was nice and warm, to a family wedding.  I was going to see all my grandparents, uncles, and a few historical tombs.  I was pretty excited.

My first step is always a list.  It allows me to plan out what I want to bring and forces me to think more and ensure I don't forget anything. 
I also make sure to have a fun dvd to watch.  Because as much as I love packing, it's nice to relax and do other things as well.

Then I lay everything out.  I want to make sure that there are lots of options for each piece in case things get dirty or I need to be a little more formal/casual/etc...

One thing my mother taught me that has always made a ton of sense is to pick a color scheme and stick with that.  It ensures that almost anything is interchangeable, and limits the accessories you need to bring.  It also helps you look impressively co-ordinated.

In this case, my casual stuff was a bright, bold color palette and my dress clothes were assorted corals and peaches.

It made it so easy to pick out sweaters and shoes when I had a small selection of color options.

And small is key because...

I like challenging myself with a weekend bag.  That's right, for everything, for the entire week.  My family tries to travel with carry-on only.  And in my case, I want a bag that I can lift into the overhead bins.  (I'm sure dad would help if I asked, but still...)  So I go small.

I make sure to pack tightly.  I've heard that rolling is the best, but in my experience, since my bag is so square, folding things tightly seems to work really well.

Also, a girl has got to have a luggage tag.  Cause they're cute and responsible.

Some things I also took into account:
 - I rarely get to see my grandmas, but they hear regularly about my dresses and sewing, so I wanted to be sure to bring some of my designs to show off.  They were very complimentary.
 - There were a lot of things I wanted to bring, but didn't.  The only part of my life where I tend to be minimalistic is in packing, apparently.
 - If I did have more room, I would have brought a pair of converse.  My feet were fine for the length of the trip, but I imagine sneakers would have brought that fine to fantastic.

I hope this helps you guys in your future packing endeavors!  And now that it's summer I'm much more inspired by my sewing, so I'll try to get some new pictures up.  I've got a dress and skirt that I'm very pleased to show off!!!

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