Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting towards the end

So I'm only 10 days away from the end of this project.  And I find myself excited for all the things I can get.  Or even just the possibilities of things. 
Some of it's just my excitement over spring coming and wanting pretty bright things.  (There are pretty bright things in my closet, but they apparently look less bright when I eye them every day.)  And some of it is jealousy over things my friends have gotten in the past few months that I could really see myself using.
Part of me, though, will be a little disappointed that it's over.  (A VERY small part, but still.)  It's somewhat liberating to just have to tell myself no.  I cannot get whatever item it is that I want at that given moment.  Instead I've been forced to "deal" without it.  To create an outfit and be comfortable without it.  I think that's good or me, no matter how hard it is or long it takes to plan out my outfit the night before.
I'll try to remember to get pictures these last few days.  Seeing as I'm in the home stretch, I shouldn't slack off.  Whoops.

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